Wholesale Fresh & Prepared Chicken for Foodservice

Chicken is versatile, popular, profitable and reigns supreme on restaurant menus.

From fresh chicken to prepared and value-added items; you can trust our team to make sure your operation is utilizing the perfect poultry items for your menu strategy.

Chicken reigns supreme on restaurant menus.

Looking for more ideas? We have many other product options available in our inventory… Don’t be afraid to ask your Account Executive for more suggestions!

Brunch Chicken Burger

Flame-Grilled Chicken Burger served on an English muffin, with Cheddar cheese, grilled asparagus, tomato, fried egg, pickles & a smear of h...

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Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

The bold flavors in this baked buffalo chicken mac & cheese recipe hit a new level thanks to Sweet Baby Ray's Hot Sauce featuring a special ...

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Cajun Chicken Jambalaya

This take on the spicy New Orleans staple replaces sausage with fresh chicken and Canadian bacon while keeping the savory Cajun flavor!

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Chicken & Biscuits Pot Pie

Create comfort food on the quick with buttery biscuits, fresh chicken and a vegetable medley baked in a creamy base. An easy alternative to ...

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Chicken and Dumpling Soup

Chicken soup, the ultimate comfort food, simmers deliciously with fresh ingredients and hearty biscuit dumplings. 

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Chicken and Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

This on-trend breakfast "sandwich" pairs juicy fried chicken, thick bacon, eggs, Kickin' Bourbon Molasses Glaze and cinnamon butter with two...

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Chicken Avocado Flatbread with Green Chili Aioli

Juicy chicken, onion, lettuce, avocado and cheese piled high on flat bread shells, finished with a dollop or two of a spicy aioli that featu...

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Chicken Parmesan Pasta Cups

Breaded chicken cutlets top conveniently baked beds of angel-hair pasta featuring rich tomato sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. Perfec...

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Chicken Primavera

This Italian comfort food recipe highlights the flavors of simple ingredients like; fettuccine, tender chicken breast, fresh veggies and Par...

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Chicken Salsa Verde Biscuit Pupsa

Salsa verde, cotija cheese, sour cream and cilantro combined with shredded chicken create a delightful and slightly crunch biscuit called Pu...

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Chicken, Apple & Beet Salad

Not only is this salad a healthy addition to your menu, but the brightly colored ingredients will make it pop off the page! Fresh spring gre...

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Crispy Vegetable Latin Chicken Club

A fresh and flavorful twist on the classic club sandwich, featuring grilled chicken, a homemade black bean spread and fresh vegetables.

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Ginger Chicken Lolli-Pops

Chopped chicken mixed with soy sauce, raw sugar, salt, rice wine vinegar, minced onion and ginger, chopped green onion and panko bread crumb...

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Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich

Take the classic chicken sandwich to new international levels of flavor. This crispy fried chicken breast is topped with Korean BBQ Sauce an...

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Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Rich feta, salty kalamata olives, peppers and artichokes, served with grilled chicken bring Mediterranean flavors to your menu!

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Fresh Chicken

73844 | Chicken CVP Wings, Party Jumbo

73863 | Chicken CVP 8 Piece Cut Up

73818 | Chicken CVP Breast, B/S Random Jumbo

73864 | Chicken CVP Whole Leg

73807 | Chicken CVP Tenders, Random Jumbo

Fresh Koch Chicken

13806 | Chicken CVP Breast, 6oz Boneless/Skinless

73858 | Chicken CVP Breast, 5oz Boneless/Skinless

Fresh Perdue Chicken

10871  | Chicken CVP Roaster, Whole IW

More fresh chicken options available – just ask!

What does CVP mean?
Controlled Vacuum Packaging
The Controlled Vacuum Packaging process (CVP) is designed to preserve freshness, retain natural flavors and enhance the shelf life of fresh chicken. This process removes all of the oxygen from the package, replacing it with CO 2 which inhibits bacteria growth.

Frozen Chicken

73817 | Chicken Breasts Random, Uncooked

73817 | Bone-In Chicken Breasts, Uncooked

Tyson Frozen Chicken

16302 | 6oz Chicken Breasts, Uncooked

1382 | Chicken Fillet with Grill Marks, Fully Cooked

7321 | Fajita Chicken Breast Strips, Fully Cooked

Crestview Frozen Chicken

27619 | 4 oz Marinated Chicken Breast Fillet, Ready To Cook

27620 | 5 oz Marinated Chicken Breast Fillet, Ready To Cook

27621 | 6 oz Marinated Chicken Breast Fillet, Ready To Cook

Curly’s Frozen Chicken

19493 | Smoked Chicken Wings, Fully Cooked

Hormel Frozen Chicken

1923 | Chicken Breast Strips, Fully Cooked

20103 | NAE Chicken Breast Strips, Fully Cooked

Brakebush Frozen Chicken

73818 | Grilled Chicken Breast Strips, Fully Cooked

More frozen chicken options available – just ask!

Brakebush Breaded Chicken

73797 | Breaded Chicken Filet, Fully Cooked

73840 | 3-Piece Breaded Chicken Dinner

73841 | 4-Piece Breaded Chicken Dinner

8208 | Southern Style Chicken Fritter, Uncooked

73790 | Breaded Chicken Patty, Fully Cooked

Tyson Frozen Chicken

1360 | Homestyle Chicken Tenders, Uncooked

72886 | Big Time Popcorn Chicken, Fully Cooked

7650 | Hot & Spicy Chicken Breast, Fully Cooked

11960 | Golden Crisp Chicken Nuggets, Uncooked

Koch Breaded Chicken

73855 | Chicken Breast Chunk Fritters, Fully Cooked

10865 | Chick’n Fries, Fully Cooked

9027 | Chicken Breast Fritters, Uncooked

73855 | Italian Style Chicken Breast Fillets, Fully Cooked

73854 | Country Cafe Chicken Tenders, Pre-Browned

73855 | Spicy Chicken Tenders, Uncooked

More breaded chicken options available – just ask!

Asian-inspired cuisine continues to climb in popularity.  According to Technomic’s 2017 Poultry Consumer Trend Report, Asian chicken entrees are the fastest growing chicken entrees.

Dennis Paper & Food Service has the poultry products you need to create mouth-watering internationally inspired dishes. Whether your operation requires an assortment of fresh chicken options or you prefer value added items that reduce labor and maintain consistency – we have them. Ask your Dennis Account Executive how you can utilize a variety of poultry products to achieve authentic, on-trend Asian offerings for your guests.

Consider the facts…

98% of Asian menus feature chicken.
[Datassential Top Trends June, 2018]

52% of consumers want to see more Asian-inspired dishes on menus.
[Datassential Intl. Concepts Feb, 2018]

57% of consumers say authenticity is important to deciding which ethnic restaurant to visit.
[Technomic Consumer Food Trends, 2018]

Bowls – Pho and noodle bowls continue to trend in the Asian food category.
[Eatthis.com Dec, 2017]

Bowl dishes are delicious, colorful, easy to execute and offer operators a high profit margin. If you’re looking for a way to add new dishes and flavors to your menu, consider internationally inspired bowl dishes.

#9 – Authentic Ethnic Cuisine is #9 on the NRA’s Top 20 Food Trends list.
[National Restaurant Assoc. Spring, 2018]

Ethnic foods and global cuisine seem to be everywhere these days, especially with the help of adventurous millennials who are increasingly exploring global flavors. Consumers’ sophisticated palates, driven by international travel and access to a wider variety of ethnic cuisines right here at home has inspired chefs to immerse themselves in flavors from around the world.