Foodservice Environmental Responsibility


At Dennis Food Service our commitment to greener practices, sustainability and concern for the impact we have on our environment extends throughout our operations and into the products we have available for our eco-conscious customers.

Our sustainability practices not only support our own eco-minded goals but extend beyond our warehouse to help our customers preserve and protect the planet and its resources. We are focused on reducing our footprint, incorporating greener technologies into our operations, and inventorying environmentally friendly products, including recycled and biodegrade packaging options, supporting conservation initiatives, environmentally conscious food service operators, and their customers.

Located in the heart of Maine, surrounded by thriving cities, pristine wilderness, and historic waterways – being environmentally minded is ingrained in who we are. From our facility to our business practices, from cost-cutting measures to environmental protection, we employ conservation strategies that add value to our operation, vendor relations, and customer partnerships.

  • Our facility is equipped with extensive backup systems, including a large generator to help protect against power failure and natural disasters.
  • Savings in electricity usage are achieved through LED lighting installation and motion sensor technology.
  • The heat from refrigeration compressors is reclaimed to heat our facility.
  • We strive to minimize paper usage by converting all forms of documentation into digital formats.
  • Our Datacenter utilizes virtualization technology to reduce our physical server footprint and more importantly, power consumption.
  • A facility-wide paper and plastics recycling program is also in place, reducing “dumpster trash” by nearly 90%.
  • We actively work to eliminate food waste by making any short-dated food items available to be utilized by food pantries.
  • We optimize fuel usage in our fleet by continually evaluating our truck routes and schedules, maximizing delivery efficiency.
  • We partner with our customers and vendors to search out environmentally friendly products. We currently offer a wide variety of recycled, compostable, and biodegradable food packaging options. Ask your Account Executive for more information on these products.
  • We’ve partnered with Anderson Chemical Company whose Safer Choice products are formulated with chemistry that passes the EPA’s Safer Choice screens for environmentally preferable products.

Dennis Food Service is committed to exploring innovative conservation efforts and incorporating significant positive sustainability into our operations; reducing environmental impact, resulting in productivity gains and cost savings.